Tax obligations require the payment of tax owed by an individual, corporations, and other legal entities hence the need for a property tax consultation service. Getting the services of an expert enables an individual to determine their tax obligations and work towards achieving them to avoid any legal tassels that may affect their property ownership. Invoke Tax Partners has the skills and expertise for handling the complex dynamics around commercial real estate and business personal property tax valuation, administration, and the possible impacts on the company entity and operations. The professionals provide quality and reliable business personal property tax assessment and management services across various industries. The property tax consulting services include:

Business personal property tax consulting

The property tax consulting professionals provide personal interaction and responsiveness, giving clients peace of mind. The clients relax knowing that the complex business personal property tax matters get proactively addressed to ensure the smooth flow of the business. Additionally, the firm has an open line of communication with clients to ensure everything gets well tackled during the review, valuation, and appeal of the client’s assets. The professional service and involvement allow for a minimal personal property tax burden. The business personal property tax services include pollution control exemptions, free exemptions, inutility studies, functional/economic obsolescence, abatement considerations, PILOT/FILOT, bond for lease, and ghost assets.

Commercial real estate property tax

The property tax consulting professionals work to minimize the client’s commercial real estate through researching and understanding local markets. The understanding familiarizes the professionals with the local taxing authorities’ processes and procedures and the navigation appeal process. Additionally, all the represented properties get reviewed annually for cost, income, and market value positions to achieve the lowest possible value positions. A clear annual real estate portfolio review approach uncovers tax-saving opportunities related to exemptions, valuations, and abatements. The various industries included industrial, warehouse, data centers, and hospitality.

Business Personal Property Tax Compliance

Maintaining records, understanding the state and local tax laws, and successfully managing the varying deadlines when handling high volume personal property tax compliance. The property tax consulting experts maintain a consistently updated filing method and proactively with improved methodologies to address the reach of state taxing authorities. The proactive approach allows the professionals to remain prepared in case of a business personal property audit in all fifty states. The professional typical has a clear review process that entails authorizations, detailed asset and inventory review, management approval, jurisdiction filings, and assessment notices.

Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimates

The tax professionals provide a pre-acquisition tax estimate with the details necessary for underwriting, tax budget, and pro forma analysis preparation. The tax estimates offer a 3–5-year real estate tax projection, including property tax discussion and the various value analysis and corresponding tax rates approach. The process involves data collection services, internal data review, property tax estimate workup, eternal client review, and finalization, which produces the final tax estimates and conducts follow-up calls when necessary. The follow-up calls provide additional information and assessments whenever they arise.

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