The need for background checks has grown exponentially in recent years. As individuals and organizations seek to make more informed decisions about employees, tenants, caregivers, and more, the background screening industry has expanded to meet the demand. With so many options now, discerning the truly top-notch background check services from the mediocre is challenging. After all, you want accurate information delivered efficiently and affordably. Several key qualities set the cream of the crop apart when it comes to background check companies.

Comprehensive databases and search capabilities 

The best background check site have access to expansive databases that index criminal records, sex offender registries, civil court records, and more from jurisdictions across the country. It enables their searches to be extremely thorough, rather than limited by geography or data source. Sophisticated search capabilities allow them to comb these vast databases quickly to find any matching records based on the parameters provided. The most advanced systems even use biometrics and artificial intelligence to match candidates to records with a high degree of accuracy. The top services cast a wide net across many data sources, returning the most comprehensive history possible on a given individual.

Fast turnaround times

Time is often of the essence when ordering a background check. The top services have automated a great deal of the search and reporting process to deliver incredibly fast turnaround times. While a standard turnaround is about 2-3 business days, the speediest generates most basic criminal record reports in a matter of hours. Extended reports generally take 1-5 business days. Whatever the case may be for your needs, the best companies are upfront about standard turnaround times and can also provide expedited services for an additional fee when situations call for urgent results.

Easy-to-use ordering systems 

Streamlined online ordering platforms and mobile apps set leading business background check services apart, allowing customers to place orders and receive reports rapidly. An intuitive order system should guide you through document uploads, data input, product selection, and payment to get your background check moving ASAP. Further self-service account management allows you to monitor order status, view completed reports, and manage additional checks through a secure portal 24/7. Simple and fast ordering backed by self-service account access provides significant convenience.

Security protections 

Handling sensitive data also necessitates stringent security protocols for account access and information storage. The top background screening services invest heavily in security protections like encrypted data transmission, firewalls to thwart hacks, and multi-factor authentication for account access. Maintaining the privacy of your orders and reports is paramount. Rigorous security standards ensure client data stays tightly protected behind multiple layers of cybersecurity defenses.

Responsive, high-touch customer service

While leading business background screening services make the ordering process quick and convenient through online platforms, they also back it with responsive customer support via phone, email, and chat. For any questions on services, orders, compliance, and more, the best services have experts readily available through their preferred contact channel. Support teams knowledgeable in background screening regulations and processes make tricky matters smooth. Turn to companies renowned for attentive service and expertise.

Affordable pricing

Most organizations and individuals want quality background checks that don’t break the bank. The good news is that increased industry competition and automated processes have made business background screening extremely affordable nowadays. The best value services offer different package options with tiered pricing based on the depth of checks needed, letting you tailor services to your budget. They still utilize those comprehensive reporting databases to uncover crucial details. Background check companies often offer monthly subscription plans, allowing high-volume users to realize tremendous savings. Compare pricing models to maximize value without sacrificing report quality.

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