There are so many structures like dikes, dams, and levees that are not advised to be part of a natural landscape since they are manmade structures they should be well inspected, designed, and operated. Talking of which steel & concrete inspection for any kind of construction that shall take place are important. This should be part of routine maintenance so that it not just ensures the lifespan of such a structure is good but also there will not be any doubt about the risks it may have.

Inspections to be considered

One of the crucial steel & concrete inspections that should be never missed out on is the structural inspection. The surface of the concrete can be examined visually on a period basis. This way if there is any risk of deterioration of sapling because of the weather or extreme stress it can be noted. Structural inspection should also be done to check if the reinforcing bars are being exposed or there is any kind of joint misalignment or cracking. Rust stains are quite noted on the concrete and it could be a sign of internal corrosion because of the steel reinforcement. The regular inspection would at least help in taking quick measures.

Tips to prepare for the upcoming Inspection

Before the steel and concrete inspection is being performed, it is important to set up a checklist on its own. This checklist will be more like a revision to ensure every single aspect is taken care of before the expert comes for the inspection. This should include the working-out outlet to be checked, the spillway components to be verified, and the logging space if there is any should be noted. The structure condition should be well assessed and if there is any kind of action that needs to be taken, the solution of the same should be ready too.

It is always better to have pictures clicked about the inspection as it can work as the record for the changing condition. If the condition seems to be quickly changing then it can be a serious concern and the chances of an expert to document it are high. That is why it is important to take such a problem seriously and ensure the professional engineer is contacted before the inspection is carried out to avoid future issues.


The steel & concrete inspection is the crucial step to get better durability and strength for the structure. To take care of this inspection there is an expert with years of experience in this field who is hired. The expert will ensure every single aspect is covered during the inspection. Usually, a checklist is created that shall have some common things that need to be verified. Whether it is seepage, poor drainage, or any of the issues that internally could be affecting the drainage, everything will be rightly taken care of. During the inspection, it will be easy to simply just tick mark these things on the checklist. It further can be used as a record as a part of the quality control measure.

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