Real estate companies and realtors need to be constantly updated to gain clients and increase their sales, always maintaining a good position in this very competitive market. That’s where the chatbot comes in.

With advanced technologies from structurely, it is currently simple to find properties on the internet without having to go to a real estate agency, getting all the information and consultations on online platforms.

You must have already accessed a website where a message immediately appeared, welcoming a seller willing to help and answer questions, being a very efficient way of contacting the customer. So, let’s introduce the chatbot below.

What Is A Chatbot?

The chatbot is artificial intelligence capable of interacting with website visitors through responses programmed by the company, thus simulating the conversation of human service. In addition, it optimizes contact and the most common questions.

Developed by automated communication software, many chatbots have artificial intelligence, so they evolve according to conversations, learning to communicate better with customers.

Artificial Intelligence

The chatbot can learn with questions and even with different words, with artificial intelligence, constantly evolving. The tool, according to experts, can solve up to 80% of the calls. On the other hand, the chatbot can be used in several stages of the sales funnel, such as: to capture leads, making contact, selling products/services, and even after-sales.

New Leads

A chatbot for real estate is the ideal tool to win new potential customers (leads), capturing relevant information from your target audience and using it in your favor. That way, if someone contacts you by phone just once, looking for property, it will likely be challenging to know what that person’s future interests are. Thus, using the chatbot, you can request an email and phone number to put in the company’s database and use it in the future.

Fast Service

On the other hand, the chatbot responds to whatever is programmed on time. That way, it doesn’t matter how many people access the site or contacts you. Each bot window will resolve queries individually, guaranteeing satisfaction from the first contact and throughout the purchase/sale process.

Quality Service

Many chatbots on the market of structurely have the concept of “machine learning,” They learn more in each interaction. Therefore, even though the conversation is not with a human, he communicates with politeness and respect, generating good service and understanding the target audience’s needs.

However, the quality of service is an essential factor to attract and win new customers, selling more properties. Therefore, the automation in the service makes it easier to serve efficiently; however, one cannot forget the other strategies, always looking for updates and improvements for the company’s website and the brand.

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