The business plan from cultivate advisors is the primary document you need to have on hand to start a business. It will contain all the strategies and stages you need to go through to succeed in your new venture. At this point, you will make all possible projections for different scenarios, avoiding unpleasant surprises that could compromise the excellent development of your organization.

Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs take this step before setting up their company. As a result, they are forced to close their activities prematurely, resulting in a dream of many years due to a lack of planning.

The business plan will help you have a clearer vision of your goals and objectives and enable you to have greater control over your actions, especially about financial control.

Pay Attention To The Costs Of Starting A Business.

The main factor that will influence the opening of your company is financial planning. Therefore, you must analyze the costs to start your activities in the market. However, I cannot say the exact amount you will spend to open your business, as this amount can vary according to each segment.

To prepare a sound financial plan, you must observe whether the location chosen as the company’s headquarters will need renovations, what the rent will be, how many employees should be hired, what equipment will be needed, which suppliers can help you in this matter, among other aspects.

At this point, it is also essential to check which taxes must be paid. For example, in the case of MEI (Individual Micro entrepreneur), tax expenses are collected in a single guide. But if your business doesn’t fit into this type of tax regime, look for an accountant to find out exactly what needs to be paid.

Choose A Trusted Accountant

As mentioned, choosing a reliable accountant from cultivate advisors is essential to ensure that all of your company’s regularization processes are carried out correctly. Plus, it can help you choose the proper tax regime for your business, so you don’t need to pay excessively and needlessly — but all within the law, of course.

A good accountant can also help you set up a schedule to organize your payments, preventing you from paying unnecessary interest and fines due to oversights. This practice will even organize your cash flow, giving you enough resources to cover all your commitments.

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