First of all, let us tell you that you have taken the right decision by choosing to change your kitchen countertop, especially if it has been with you since quite some time now. Changing your kitchen countertop brings a lot of positivity inside the house. If the kitchen has a broken, cracked or ugly appearance, people who cook there do not perform their task with all their heart. Thus, the energy of the food is not good enough to keep you positive. In return, you are not optimistic and have a low vibe.

Changing the countertop of your kitchen changes not only your vibe, but also the vibe and aura of your entire house. Before you choose pro stone countertops granite you might want to learn about the top five stone types that people generally use for their kitchen countertop needs.

Here is a list that focuses on them:

  1. Alaska Black: The base of this stone is surely black, but it has various shades of white and gray on top of it. You can choose this stone countertop for your kitchen if you have black, white, gray or light shaded walls. Adjusting this stone with your dark walls (except for color black) might be a little difficult, if you are looking for something in contrast.
  2. Almond Roca: Known for its rich brown looks, you can always go for this stone countertop if you have pink, peach, off white and other such beautiful soft colored walls in your kitchen. If your kitchen has wooden texture and you are fond of light shades, you won’t regret choosing this stone for your kitchen.
  3. Alpina White: Nope – it is not purely white in color, but has shades of black, gray and sometimes even light green. It fits beautifully in your kitchen if your walls are black, gray, green, blue, and even white. It has an illusionary affect that people generally love.
  4. Almondine: Finally, we have something for those with pure white or dark colored kitchens. Just in case you’ve been looking for something for your yellow, dark blue, pitch black or white colored kitchen, don’t forget about the existence of this stone that has such shades.
  5. Alaska White: Just like there is Alaska Black, there is Alaska White that can be installed if your kitchen walls are blue, gray, dark green, white or even purple. They adjust themselves with most of the light and dark colors in a palette.
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