A professionally written plan should cost anywhere between $1,500 and $30,000 if written by a professional Business Plan Writer who’s overall purpose is to write you a plan applicable to your company specifically. Although every plan is characteristic of the company for which it is written, there is a substantial amount of research and investigation required to obtain the necessary information for every individual project. The level of investigative efforts required to develop a detailed plan that correlates with the guidelines set forth by lenders and investors, is ultimately what determines how much a Business Plan will cost. Furthermore, the size and authenticity of the business being established is a determining factor as to the amount of research required, along with the characteristics of the particular market or industry. However, the range between the price of plans written for small businesses and larger companies is immense.

Typically, a plan prepared for a small business start-up should cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Once again that cost will be highly dependent upon the amount of research and investigation required. And, it is contingent upon the nature of that particular industry or market. Another aspect that plays a role in how much a Business Plan Writer will charge is the resourcefulness of the company owner. Most plan writers will have a client to complete a series of worksheets prior to each consultation, and the adeptness with which the client is able to complete these questionnaire’s is important in determining how much research and investigation will be required of the plan writer.

Be skeptical of online plan writers charging prices as low as $100-$200. These are what I refer to as “cookie cutter” Business Plan Writers, who obviously do not do the research and investigation necessary to create an adequate Business Plan. What these online scam artists do is apply superficial information about your company into a prefabricated Business Plan Template without including the detailed information required by lenders and investors. Several online companies also lead entrepreneurs into believing that the purchase of a template is adequate enough to create a professional plan. Remember, you will get what you pay for, and the most beneficial investment you can make for your company is a well written, precise, and detailed Business Plan.

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