As one of the leading survey platforms, Qualtrics has a lot of great features. From a role-based dashboard to closed-loop follow-up and automated respondent management, Qualtrics has everything your company needs for a survey. In addition, it also offers statistical analysis, text analysis, key driver analysis, and predictive analytics. To determine if Qualtrics is right for your company, we looked at insights from 314 buyers, expert blogs, and vendor-provided installation data. All users had one common goal: to improve customer relationships.

Qualtrics has a dedicated page for feature roll-outs.

The in-product experience for Qualtrics is now available to all English-speaking users, and it will soon be rolled out to other supported languages. To accommodate a broader range of users, administrators can customize their dashboards. In addition to allowing employees to give feedback, Qualtrics also allows managers to see which areas of the business need improvement. The results of these surveys can be used to predict the future performance of a team.

For organizations that need employee experience data for business decision-making, Qualtrics’ employee experience software makes it easy to collect and manage anonymous feedback. In addition, it integrates with HR systems to deliver insights in real-time to managers. Qualtrics is proud to partner with Cross Hotels & Resorts, and we believe that their engagement with Qualtrics will fuel their journey to become a leading player in the hospitality industry.

It offers a dedicated survey builder

The Qualtrics app is designed for more advanced users. It has an advanced survey builder, unlimited active surveys, and support for 75+ languages. It can be used offline, too, with features like SMS and email sending. It even can export data to Excel. The advanced features include skipping logic, dynamic reporting tools, and predictive AI. It also offers analytics for the results.

The employee-specific features of Qualtrics allow users to customize the survey experience. The user interface lets respondents skip questions they find irrelevant or don’t want to answer. The app allows you to fine-tune the survey experience by incorporating brand elements into the layout. You can hide questions and insert your logo. You can also control the visibility of questions and responses and assign different access levels for each member of your team.

It has a dedicated SMS distribution module

Qualtrics users can send SMS messages to their employees through its SMS distribution module. The only caveat is that they must purchase an allotment of text messages beforehand, which is currently 50,000. The good news is that the allotments never expire, and they can use them as often as needed. Using Qualtrics’ SMS distribution module is a great way to reach employees regularly, and it’s convenient to use on the go.

The free version of Qualtrics includes basic capabilities, but it requires advanced data analytics skills to get the most from the system. However, the platform has been designed with American users in mind, so it may require some customization to be able to use it. Employees will also appreciate the fact that Qualtrics has an SMS distribution module specifically for employees. Using the tool in countries other than the U.S. is also possible if the company is headquartered outside the country.

It has a pulse survey

If you want to gauge the mood of your workforce, it is important to take an employee pulse survey. Pulse surveys can be used for various purposes, such as understanding how employees respond to changes in HR policies or post-appraisal pulse checks. You can even use pulse surveys to measure the health of your workforce during a pandemic. Just be sure to use a brief and concise questionnaire and avoid ambiguous or leading questions.

When conducting a pulse survey, you need to ask your employees to rate the positive aspects of your company and the areas in which improvements are needed. This type of survey typically comprises five to ten questions that revolve around one specific area of improvement in the organization. The responses gathered from employees are important because they help you understand what needs improvement. Pulse surveys also give you an idea of how the company’s values have evolved. Hence, it would be best if you chose the questions that best fit your organization’s needs and kept refining them as you go along.

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