When designing a new workspace for your business, the noise level is a vital factor to pay attention to, especially if your office is busy or a call centre. You will need to do everything possible to help absorb sound in your workplace to make it a more comfortable environment for your employees to help them carry on with their jobs. The noise levels at work can have a bearing on the mental health of your employees, and you want them to be happy and comfortable in the workplace, so they are more productive. Below are various ways to help absorb sound waves around your office to keep noise under control and create a perfect office environment that adheres to workplace noise regulations.

Sound Absorbing Walls

You can incorporate sound insulation into the walls when designing your office space using soundproof plasterboard. If there is space, you can also add acoustic insulation behind this if space is available. Once your walls are finished, you can add items to them, such as pictures, paintings, and posters, which will help absorb and deflect sound in your office. Various plasterboard types are available, and you can buy insulation that can help reduce the overall noise level in your office and make it more comfortable.

A Sound Absorbing Ceiling

There are also materials you can use for the ceiling of your office that can absorb sound waves and reduce the noise level in your office. Reputable brands such as Armstrong ceiling tiles offer excellent acoustic insulation properties and are available in various styles and designs. You can use a standard suspended ceiling and incorporate acoustic ceiling tiles, and you can install the ceiling tiles quickly.

Dividing The Office Space

Another way you can help reduce noise levels and the echo in a room is by using office partitions to divide the space. There are various office partitions you can use, and some can add extra insulation to offer greater thermal and acoustic insulation. You can also use office dividers with a fabric covering that will help to separate areas and absorb sound waves in your office. Dividing the office space can also make it more productive and give your business the boost it needs.

Soundproof Underlay For Your Floors

You can also use a soundproof underlay for the floors of your office space, and you can get one suitable to go underneath all types of flooring. It can add a layer of sound-absorbing material to help keep the noise levels where you want them and make a comfortable workspace. However, to reduce echo and noise in your office, you will want to avoid hard flooring materials such as wood, vinyl, or laminate. Using softer flooring materials such as carpets and rugs will require more maintenance, but they will absorb sound and reduce noise levels in your office.

You can also include many potted plants when decorating your office space, which can help absorb sound. They also have other benefits, including reducing stress, and sickness, cleaning the air, boosting creativity, and increasing productivity, so it is worth investing in them for your office.

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