Sexual offenses carry a stigma in society. Indeed, it is common for those who are accused to be convicted in the court of public opinion before they can be judged under the criminal justice system. Sex crime allegations can negatively affect an accused person’s life and reputation. When convicted, they can be registered as a sex offender for the rest of their life.

What It Means to be Registered

As a registered sex offender, you will be restricted in terms of where to live and work. Also, your name, photo, and offense information will be available in a database that anyone can access. Because of this, you must start a defense against your criminal accusation from the time it has been reported. Hiring a Mankato criminal defense attorney will make sure your rights are protected. Whether you are accused of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, statutory sexual assault, or rape, a good attorney can represent you. 

How a Lawyer can Help You

Usually, sex crimes involve complicated issues in terms of consent and the accused’s intent of the offense. And because such offenses take place in private and don’t involve direct physical evidence, proving the occurrence of the crime comes down to what a party says against the other. 

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can use different defenses in sex crime cases. Often, it is best to hire an attorney early in the process, so your case might not be pursued. To defend you in your case, your attorney can impeach the alleged victim’s credibility, preserve evidence such as text messages, emails, and phone records, as well as prevent evidence that contests the version of events of the alleged victim. Your attorney can also suppress evidence that certain parties may have collected illegally or point mistakes that a forensic investigator may have made. 

Moreover, should you be convicted, your lawyer can help you get a plea deal. Most criminal cases end in both parties negotiating plea deals. These deals mean you plead guilty, which means waiving your rights to trial in exchange for a reduced sentence. Also, a plea deal could include having your charges reduced and avoiding prison time and maximum penalties. As you try to make the right decision, your attorney will advise you based on their experience. If you don’t want a plea deal and choose to take your case to court, your attorney is happy to represent you in hearings. 

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