A huge issue medical students face isn’t only the mcat registration and school itself. It’s also about the pricey tuition fees and other expenses! However, there are creative solutions to help pay your way through college, such as having your own business!

This list will show you awesome business ideas medical students can get into so they can earn a bit extra as they study.

  1. Preparation Course

There are thousands of medical school applicants yearly, and the application process can be quite complex, depending on the country and institution. You can help others out by starting an information service that can help students throughout the process.

Build a course around the mcat practice test, offer advice about how to apply for specific medical schools, using your knowledge and experience. You can start with one-on-one meetings and scale up from there as you garner more happy clients.

  1. Exam Guides

No matter what medical school you study in, the content and courses are similar. Business-minded medical students can take advantage of this fact by building and selling course-specific exam guides. These are helpful for students to ace their tests.

You can find medical students selling their exam guides and mini-courses online, which are beneficial for medical students who don’t understand certain medical and/or science-related topics.

  1. Medical School Notes

Are you an amazing notetaker and have collected informative notes throughout your years as a medical student? Then you can actually sell your pre-med and medical notes, especially if you can make them look organized and easy to understand!

Websites like Etsy allow people to sell their school notes independently, giving you the platform to sell right away. No need for a blog, social media page, or YouTube for it!

  1. Develop an App

You can collect all of the knowledge you learned as a medical student and create an app out of it! No need to worry about the coding side, because there are free tools that allow you to create an app without prior development or IT knowledge required. Or, if you have the capital, you can hire someone to outsource the app-building, design, and coding, following your concept.

Start by focusing on what specific medical field and outline it properly for app users to take advantage of.

  1. Become a Vlogger

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to create your own YouTube vlog or blog. You’ll be even more surprised with the many famous vloggers that are medical students, sharing their insights about what it’s like being in medical school and tips on how to survive it!

One can make a lot of money from YouTube ads alone, so why not get your camera ready and talk about your lifestyle as a medical student?

Wrapping It Up

I hope any of these business ideas from this list gave you an idea of what you can do! Get started with any of these businesses now and see where it can take you while pursuing your medical degree.

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