There is no denying that workers’ compensation law is meant to help those injured at the workplace, if things move as expected. Unfortunately, a lot of workers injured at work don’t get the compensation or benefits that they deserve. In Arizona, many cases are not even reported. The insurance company may insist that the victim goes to a specific doctor or clinic, and in many cases, the doctors may deem the patient to be fine for work, even when they are still recovering. In short, the workers’ compensation system is not always simple. If you were injured at work, you have to consider hiring a Tucson workers compensation attorney at the earliest.

When to contact an attorney?

Ideally, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible, after you have received medical assistance and reported the incident. Sometimes, your employer may be empathetic to your condition, and you may get all the help expected. However, when the company is at fault, they will try and downplay the situation and your injuries. You need an attorney by your side, just to be sure that the rights and benefits of workers’ compensation law are not denied to you. If your claim has been already denied, you should contact a lawyer anyway.

Selecting an attorney

Not all law firms dealing in personal injury law deal in workers’ compensation cases, so find one that’s experienced and know. Ask relevant questions related to their expertise, and don’t shy away from discussing all details, including minute information, which may impact your claim. Many attorneys work at law firms, so ask in advance as to who would be representing you and meet your lawyer in person, so that you can know all possible options and outcomes of the matter.

Don’t delay in hiring a lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim.

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