You have the right to file a car accident claim after getting injured in a car accident because of the mistake of someone else. After filing the claim with the insurance company, people get anxious and curious about the time when they can expect compensation. A car accident attorney is the best person to give you some ideas of the time frames involved in the car accident claim. Generally, the time to get compensation may vary from one case to another. Some may take a few weeks while others months.

Medical records play a vital role

You may not have an idea but medical reports, bills and test reports have their own significance when it comes to obtaining compensation in a quicker manner. Your attorney can push the insurance company if all your medical records are genuine and organized. That’s why, it is suggested to get medical attention after you have been injured in a car accident.

Proving liability 

It is the most important factor in getting compensation.  Who will pay your losses? To get the answer, you will need to prove to the insurance company that another party acted negligently at the time of the accident. It has also been observed that if the driver was drunk, it will be easier for you to prove the liability because it will be recorded in the police report as well. In such a scenario, you don’t have to do much to prove that the driver was at fault. You may get compensation quickly in this case.

Nature and extent of your injuries

If your injuries are severe such as brain, spine, neck and back injuries, you can get them documented with the help of medical experts. Hence, the compensation may take a few weeks after the insurance company has reviewed all the medical records. In case of some complexities such as pre-existing injuries or internal injuries, the insurance company needs more time to review the case and hence, there may be some delays.

Tactics of the insurance company

The insurance company does not respond immediately because they want their clients to wait a bit longer hoping that the injured person will accept the lower offer. To deal with this, it is recommended to have an attorney with you, who can stay in touch with them for updates. 

A car accident claim should be made immediately after the accident so that you get paid for your losses.

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