Road transport is carried out employing roads, such as roads, highways, and streets, which may or may not be paved. This means of transport has the function of moving cargo, people, and animals to different places.

The consolidation of road transport by transportation solutions provider occurred with the intensification of the automobile industry, which took place in the first decades of the 20th century. Transport vehicles are considered symbols of capitalism.

Despite its widespread use globally, road transport generates high costs compared to rail and waterway transport. The high freight cost is due to the fuel price and the maintenance that must be carried out periodically.

In this transport system, the infrastructure necessary for its operation has a high value in its construction and maintenance; the cost can rise even more when the terrain is uneven. This factor generates the need for constructions adapted to the relief conditions, such as tunnels and viaducts. The main indication of road transport is its use in short displacements, as it allows for great agility.

In European Union countries, road transport is quite widespread. There was significant growth in the road network on the continent between the 70s and 90s, and there are currently prospects for an increase. A new trend in the EU is the interaction between road and rail transport: trucks move on trains for some parts of the journey. In the United States, the most used means of transport is the road.

Cautions When Choosing Road Transport

To ensure safe and efficient operations, paying attention to a few essential factors that make all the difference is essential. Despite the advantages offered by road transport, the success of its operation depends on some precautions. Check out the main ones!

  • Check the type of product: Depending on the specific characteristics of each product, some types of transport will be suitable, while others will not. Therefore, be sure that there will be no problems in transporting your cargo by road.
  • Determine the delivery time: road transport is considered agile, but if the places of origin and destination are very far away, it is worth considering the possibility of transporting your cargo by air or sea transport to the closest possible location on a strategic route road. This helps to prevent your cargo from arriving late.
  • Check the cargo volume: if your cargo is enormous and you need several vehicles for transport, other modes, such as maritime, may be more advantageous. Therefore, check the cargo volume and determine which modal offers the best cost-benefit ratio for your operation.

Assess the freight cost: distance is a decisive factor in determining the freight cost of transporting loads. Generally, road transport offers more affordable values, but always check the value of other modes of transport and, once again, don’t forget to assess the cost-benefit ratio.

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