Most of us spend a large portion of our time at the workplace. While working, it is important that an employee feels safe and secure. It is highly recommended to work for an employer that follows all the laws and rules as described by Federal state laws. Every worker needs to be treated fairly so that the work environment remains positive and congenial. If a person does not feel the same while working in the office, he or she can consider contacting employee rights lawyers. However, it is highly recommended to get familiar with the basic rights of an employee to take the right steps at the right time:

Rights of an employee at the workplace

Some of the basic rights of a worker are explained below:

    • Safety at the workplace- The basic right, which every employee should have, is safety. It is important that the company should take all the safety measures. The environment should be made healthy by installing a number of pest control equipment, fire extinguishing and proper lifts if the office is located on the top floor. An employee can bring to the notice of the higher authorities if he has come across any unsafe hazards.
    • Wage equality- The Company must decide the pay, wages, and overtime pay according to federal and state laws. However, it does not mean that the company should pay all the employees the same pay. It depends on skill sets, qualifications and job duties.
    • No discrimination at the work- The employer must lay down the policies so that discrimination based on color, race, nationality and sexual orientation can be avoided at the workplace. It is a basic right of every employee that his or her dignity should not be compromised.
    • No sexual harassment– The worker should be protected from any kind of sexual harassment, comments and favors.  If any employee is forced to get involved in sexual acts to receive a job promotion, it will be categorized as sexual favor.
  • Medical leaves and family leaves- Labor laws explain the rights to take leaves if he or she is medically unfit. Likewise, an employee is entitled to certain leaves in a year. The working hours are explained in the labor laws and an employee must be aware of it.

If any employee feels that his or her basic rights are not protected, an employment lawyer should be contacted and hired.


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