To take full advantage of its potential, an offshore company with Social Media Virtual Assistant must set up a filter on customers. It is not a question of refusing to sell which is prohibited by article L121-11 of the consumer code, but the outsourcer must limit the customers who indirectly harm the company.

Limit Harmful Customers

Outsourcing your customer relationship is undoubtedly an excellent idea. The customer receives a service from an offshore company whose main activity is customer relations. Moreover, it is under the control of the internal quality audit; its effectiveness is thus ensured. However, on the provider’s side, it must limit harmful customers to continue to produce an impeccable customer relationship. Even if we consider that the customers are king, it is necessary to banish some Kings from your environment.

Customers Who Frequently Change The Specifications

Outsourcing does not work like in-house. The tasks will be carried out according to the specifications given by the client. Sometimes, customers constantly modify these specifications without thinking about the repercussions that the service provider suffers. Indeed, this modification means a waste of time for the outsourcer. Sometimes, this also requires a new briefing or even training for the teams responsible for customer relations. In short, these actions of customers who consider themselves the king harm the offshore company.

Customers Who Delay Payment

Some customers always delay their payments. These types of contracts must also be terminated. The offshore business needs the necessary resources to operate. If the customers’ payment is late, it risks affecting the company’s activity. As a result, the customer relationship quality may be degraded by this circumstance. The customer is king or not; always limit these kinds of clients for outsourcing.

The Customer May Be Wrong

To retain a customer, it is imperative to think about his satisfaction. However, in some situations, the client must admit he is not right. Note that outsourcing is carried out by obeying the specifications. The client only has the right to disapprove of his service provider when a task defined according to the contract clause is not carried out properly.

Outsourcing with Hit Rate Solutions for example is not a matter of logic; it is a one-time job. For example, if you hire an offshore company to maintain a bilingual customer relationship in English and French, the agents communicate only in these languages. Therefore, if a person uses Spanish or German, you can’t blame the offshore company if the agents don’t understand anything.

Even if, by misfortune, you lose this person, it is only your fault for not having mentioned this detail during the realization of the contract. In addition, as an employee, you have the right to propose to the company the recruitment of more qualified people.

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