Granite selection seems like a challenge until you know how to choose these slabs in the right manner. Once you know the tricks and techniques of buying these the rest is as smooth as cream. In this article, we shall help you with certain prominent tips to buy granite for your kitchen countertops. These tips will come in handy everything you think of a kitchen or bathroom makeover.

Selection of granite gets confusing to many due to its vast variety in the market. You either get confused of the quality or are left spoiled for a choice. Don’t worry; we will discuss the right way of choosing these to make your kitchen look just perfect!

These 4 tips will make you a granite selection expert:

  1. Get your vibe:

It doesn’t matter how many granites we check, there is that one thing that will catch our attention. The best thing about granites is that these are natural stones that do not have a quality issue. Regardless of what quality or color you buy, their existence is unique and that’s what makes these an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.

  1. Don’t go after the glitter:

You may find certain stones or slabs glitter the most. But, you need to remember that not all that glitters is granite. The glitter that you see in granites is mixed with mica flakes to make it shiny. Selecting the kitchen granite must consider safety, looks, and sturdiness. Thus, you must not just stick to the shiny material but, also check if the granite is hard enough to sustain.

  1. Learn the grade of granite:

Just like how you studied to get better grades, you must study granites to get better grade in the material as well. For instance, granites with A grade are economical to purchase and as the grade goes up from B to F, the price for the same will rise too. F being the most natural and highest grade is considered to be the best quality granite.

  1. Understand your kitchen at first:

Do not go by what you see in others’ kitchen. You must know your space better before selecting the granite for your kitchen countertop. From color to quality, everything must match your kitchen. Thus, learn the interiors, check the furniture to match the right color, and go for a sturdy good quality granite kitchen countertop.

We hope you are more confident of constructing your kitchen countertop after these tips. Check out various other options on granite remnants near me.

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