If you are thinking about revitalising your office through a refurbishment, there is a superb product that can brighten up the work area, re-organise how you use the space and energise your staff. I am referring to glass partitions in this short article, and I want to give you all the available information to consider if they would work for you. Available in many different guises to suit any situation or budget, they can transform your premises into impressive modern space which you’ll be proud to show off.

The Benefits of Natural Light

It has proven that exposure to natural light helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which helps us focus, be more productive, and improve our happiness, which can only benefit any business owner. It can also give the impression of more space and improve sleep patterns; these plus points are vital to maintaining a healthy person’s positive physical and psychological well-being.

A Clear Winner

Whether you decide to use glass partitions to fit out your whole office or just a tiny part, there will be a partition suitable for your situation. From a single wall using existing fixtures to a standalone four-sided room, glass partitions are a medium to create any floorplan on your premises. They are easily and quickly installed; they are flexible and can be embellished with brand-focused stickers to give your office that professional look that will impress visiting clients.

What Type of Partitions Are Available?

There are around half a dozen different types of office glass partitioning, all with their characteristics to suit different budgets and settings; the main types in use are –

  • Single glazed partitions – a budget option uses an aluminium frame and a single piece of glazing; it has good acoustic properties up to 33 decibels (dB).
  • Double glazed partitions – while looking similar to single glazing, it is a step up in performance with sound protection up to 44Db; it is possible to install integral blinds if further privacy is required.
  • Acoustic glass partitions – uses a membrane added to the glazing to produce high-end acoustic performance if yours is a noisy workplace. The double-glazed acoustic partition can give sound protection up to 50Db.
  • Banded glass partitions – uses an aluminium framework that runs around the perimeter and intersects the wall dividing it into squares. This design choice is increasingly popular in line with the trend for industrial style offices.
  • Curved glass partitions are premium products used as a beautifully stylish design feature.

Other Features on Offer

As well as these main types of glass partitions, there are also others in use in specific situations. Fire-rated glass is an option if you require additional protection for fire evacuation routes or storerooms. As briefly mentioned, once installed, the glass partition is finished with stickers of any design, be it your company logo or other motivational images. At the very top end of the glass partition design is switchable glass, which uses a chemical process in between two layers of glazing to enable the user to switch from clear to opaque glass at the touch of a button.

There we are all you might need to know about office glass partitions; I hope I have opened your eyes to an option that may be suitable for your workplace and the benefits to you and your staff.

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