Your debtor is not paying. You have tried every possible means to contact them via phone calls and emails, but the person/business is not responding. This is not rare in the world of lending, and for lenders and creditors, letting debtors go scot free like that is never a choice. Skip tracing is the process of tracking such debtors, and it follows a standard method. The first step is to verify information at hand, which is followed by a comprehensive check to find more details, often using public databases, information from sources like credit bureaus. MicroBilt is a company that offers comprehensive skip tracing services and tools, which will come in handy for skip tracers, collectors, process servers and lenders.

Reviewing MicroBilt’s suite

MicroBilt has a bunch of products that are meant to aid and simplify the process of skip tracing. The company has earned a name for its incredible customer support, and while they rely on databases that are in public record, they also proprietary data, which makes their tools more reliable and dependable. Here’s a quick overview of MicroBilt’s products.

  • Super Phone. This is an advanced tool that allows users to find all details including phone numbers, addresses, and business names. Super Phone is among their better tools that is more comprehensive.
  • People Search. This one is designed for skip tracing in the initial stages. Address history, current address and other details like phone numbers and AKAs can be traced with this one.

  • Enhanced People Search. This one is an advanced tool, which also gathers critical information and other details like high-risk profiles, besides what is offered through People Search.
  • Address Search. This tool is designed for searching addresses, both current and previous ones, focusing on finding the whereabouts of a person beyond their phone numbers.
  • Among the advanced tools is Trace Detail, which tries to find associates, neighbors, relatives, family members, and other people known to the debtor.


If you want to know more on MicroBilt’s suite, make sure that you check their website. The company also has the option of offering assistance for specific needs, and they do have ID verifications tools and services, as well. There is no denying that MicroBilt stands out as a leading name in skip tracing products, and their resources are worth the money spent. For skip tracers, this could be a perfect suite to manage their regular work, without using too many products and resources.

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