Whether you’re planning an office refurbishment or not, making the best use of your available floor space in your office is intrinsically linked to how well your business functions. Maximising both the staff who work for you and their area should be high on your list of priorities—having a business base that functions efficiently while also motivating and enabling your workforce to succeed. A superb way of dividing your office floor space is to utilise one of several modern, well-designed partitioning systems.

A Wealth of Options

These different types of partitioning systems are manufactured in several materials, all of which have the power to create innovative and flexible workplaces. Unlike fixed permanent walls, their most appealing quality is that they can be moved from place to place and solve any problems a changing office environment might need to tackle. Partitioning system solutions exist for every budgetary level, from the best value drywall partitions to high-end curved glass partitioning creations used in trendy modern offices. The different partitions that are an option are –

  • Drywall partitions – this affordable system uses an aluminium framework and plasterboard layers to create a quality solution with good acoustic properties.
  • Demountable partitions – these relocatable partitions that are easy to install, take down and move when the situation demands.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – using fire-rated materials can protect specific areas of your business premises, such as storerooms or fire evacuation routes.
  • Hygienic Partitions – specialised partitions ideal for healthcare or food industry environments; they have wipeable and resistant surfaces.

There is one other type of partition increasingly chosen by business owners for their premises. Their excellent properties transform any office into a modern, contemporary, bright workplace; they are glazed partitions.

Let The Light In

It is now well known that natural light is a key component to having a healthy, happy, and efficient workforce, office spaces that allow the natural light to flow through them are ideal places for staff to be productive and focused. Glazed partitions are available in multiple different options, which can include –

  • Single glazed partitions are the more affordable choice while still providing a professional and high-quality finish for any office.
  • Double glazed partitioning represents a step-up in standard with improved acoustic performance and several optional installed extras; internal privacy blinds are just one of these.
  • Banded glass partitions use a lightweight alloy framework to establish a particular design effect with high aesthetic qualities.
  • Curved glass partitions are the pinnacle of glazed partition installations, used to create feature walls as a centrepiece in modern, trendy offices and workplaces.

All glazed partitions, once installed, must be covered in some sort of vinyl application to lessen the chance of injuries caused by people walking into the transparent surfaces. This process is an opportunity to create a design that incorporates your company logo or brand design and adds to the overall aesthetic outlook of the workspace.

If you are considering an office refurbishment, then a crucial part of that project will consist of how you divide the floor space effectively. With this new information I have provided, I hope you are well equipped to tackle this problem with confidence.

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