Shipping a vintage or a classic car that doesn’t run can add more complexity and cost to the shipping procedure. However, this is a common problem, which many people often face. This article will help you get an idea about shipping a classic car that doesn’t run and ways to find the best auto shipping company for it.

When shipping a non-operational antique automobile, it’s critical to choose a firm that has some good experience and equipment. Inquire directly with company representatives about their willingness to send a vehicle, which isn’t operating, and how they manage such automobiles. Choose a company like Ship a Car, Inc. if you need to transport a classic car that does not run. Ship a Car, Inc is a very popular shipping company in US since many years. And, whether it is a non-running vehicle or a normal vehicle, they will suggest you the best options available.

If your antique automobile or classic car isn’t able to roll or turn, it’s effectively immobile. The equipment required for transporting such a vehicle is unlikely to be found on open or covered carriers. In this case, you have to either repair the automobile or transport it using a tow truck business with winches that can pull your vehicle up their ramp, and then onto the trailer. Your car may suffer more damage as a result of this.

One common question that any auto shipping firm asks you is whether the vehicle which you are planning to ship is running or non-running. If you say no, they’ll usually question if it can roll, steer, and steer. If your antique automobile or classic car can roll, stop, and steer, you may generally ship it enclosed or open with any shipping firm. Many businesses charge a non-running fee, for the extra labor or work involved in delivering a non-running vehicle.

How to find a good auto shipping company?

  • You can find each and every information on internet these days. Hence, take the help of sites online to know about the various auto shipping companies. Most of the reputed companies has their websites. Take a look at their websites to know about their services and client reviews. This means, you don’t have to step out of your home to enquire about any auto shipping companies these days.
  • Request for the quotes from different shipping companies. Compare the quotes and service quality before making a decision. Avoid choosing a company by simply looking at the huge discounts and offers online. If you choose a company based on their offers and discounts, then there is no guarantee that your vehicle will be delivered safely at your new location. Do proper research before making any decision. In short, think twice before you take any decision.
  • Most of the reputed shipping companies will provide live location tracking option to their clients. Check whether if that option is available before hiring a shipping company.

Find a good shipping company using the above tips to ship your non-running car smoothly!

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