The video manages to bring the good of both worlds: content and audiovisual artifices. So, if you’re in the production process like gillespie productions, don’t forget to pay attention to the relevance of your content and aesthetics. Here are the tips on how to produce videos.

1- Duration

When producing your video, note the total duration of the video. Despite being more attractive, your audience’s interest decreases over time, so bet on short videos. Don’t confuse short videos with low quality. It is possible, yes, to do both. Just work on the message you want to get across. To see if the message was delivered correctly, see if you can summarize the idea in one sentence. Way, you know you were objective and delivered the necessary message without getting too involved in other matters. If the duration still worries you, consider the possibility of making a series of videos on certain topics.

This way, you maintain objectivity but without losing quality. Tip on how to produce videos: The production of videos for the internet has dynamism, speaks the main content right at the beginning. That way, your audience already knows what to expect. Then delve into the video in detail. Remember to always work with news, so you keep your audience’s attention with interesting things.

2- Humanize Your Videos

Human beings par excellence, identify with what is closest to us: other human beings, regardless of the subjects you cover in your video, tell stories from people who connect with the subject. Use storytelling. People identify with stories; this causes a closer relationship, making the video’s vision of glamor, not an impediment. So, convey emotion, be spontaneous and smile whenever you can within the subject when you are involved in producing videos for the internet.

3- The Location Is Essential

Set aside a location that you will only use for recording; this will make the whole process easier. It doesn’t have to be a fancy studio; it can be a room (or part of it), but just for recording. Observe where the light comes from and how artificial lighting is; this will make all the difference in the quality of your video. Do not place the camera against the light or in front of a window; this will result in a dark image.

Another point to note at the site is that it needs to be silent. Imagine that you record and, in the background, there is a buzz of conversation? In addition to getting the audio impaired, this lacks professionalism. To find out if the location you are going to record is the right one, think about these points: Does the place have enough space for the protagonist and the equipment without getting too cramped? Is there a movement of people in the place? If so, ideally, when recording, people do not pass behind the camera. If you don’t have the equipment, make sure the place has adequate lighting.

Tip on how to produce a video: Make test recordings to see if everything is fine. See the question of image and audio quality and if there is any problem, correct it to get a better final result.

4- Script

There is no need to dedicate to the production of videos for the internet without a script. So, before you start scripting your video, plan out how you imagine it would be done. Think of important points to be covered and, with that planning, start creating your screenplay.

To create it, you need to separate it so that it follows a chronological order. In a file, detail your video scenes, camera positioning, subtitles, effects, and speeches. Thus, you have greater security when recording, and if you lose your train of thought, you already know where to look to get your inspiration back. Therefore, always have the script at hand and do not improvise when it comes to internet video production.

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