Cargo transportation in wicker park logistics is one of the most crucial activities, as everything around us passes through this sector. It is from this that most sectors manage to exercise part or all of their activities. This becomes even more evident when we remember the 2018 truck drivers’ strike than practically for the country.

Given this, have you ever stopped to think about the particularities of this sector? What are your curiosities? This is because it is essential to know actions that occur only in logistical operations and their main historical facts. Thus, we have prepared below important curiosities related to cargo transportation. Check out:

1 — Cargo Transportation Is An Essential Factor For Black Friday

Who has never purchased on Black Friday? Even more so online. But for all these sales to materialize, it is essential to work with logistics and rely on cargo transportation, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Given this, shopkeepers need to rely on companies in the logistics sector to ensure efficiency in this process and thus comply with delivery deadlines and with goods in perfect condition.

2 – The Development Of Technology In The Sector

In terms of technology, in the 1970s, the truck was considered just a vehicle for transporting cargo, as there was no commitment to its operational performance. However, since then, everything has changed, and the road modal has grown and developed technologically.

Thus, software and tools such as cargo tracking, monitoring, and telemetry systems emerged, the most known and used, inhibiting theft and ensuring more efficient logistics.

3 – Women In Cargo Transportation

We generally link cargo transport to men, especially when it comes to driving trucks. However, this has been changing for some time now, and we are seeing more and more women in logistics activities and conducting deliveries.

4 – In The Air Mode, The Pilot Is Not Alone In The Cabin

Indeed, this is one of the most exciting curiosities since the pilot and co-pilot should not be alone in the cabin, so when one of them leaves, it is recommended that a flight attendant stays in his place.

To better understand, this is a method of flight security in which the flight attendant will accompany the crew member who stays in the cabin; it would be a way of watching him. This is because if something happens to the pilot, there is someone to help and seek help.

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