If you are a business that often has open vacancies to fill, you’ll know how difficult it can often be to find the correct type of employee, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. The best way to approach this is to use the services of a specialist recruitment agency, a company that you can build a long-term relationship with and one that understands your company ethos, your industry, and the type of employee you are looking for at any given time. This level and type of support can be invaluable to a growing company but how do you work out what a good recruiter is?

The best recruitment agencies understand how to build good relationships with candidates, even at times when they are rejecting them for certain roles. This takes delicacy and time, but it helps build a reservoir of potential candidates. This is achieved by a personal approach, post-rejection interviews and feedback from both parties, and providing potential vacancies at regular intervals so that the candidate understands they are being looked out for, all with tailored job roles that suit that specific person.

The best recruitment agency will build a relationship with your company whereby they are in touch on a regular basis, working out your needs even before you sometimes do. By building up a pipeline of potential vacancies and potential candidates for those vacancies it can dramatically cut down the source time when it comes time to advertise a job role. The recruiter will already have a fair idea of what it is you are looking for in terms of the newly advertised role, and they will most likely have a selection of potential candidates in mind already, as you’ve been in touch throughout.

By building up these relationships on both sides, the best recruitment agencies understand how to showcase candidates that you might usually ignore or miss out on a vital piece of information that makes them a stand-out candidate, just not in the conventional sense. There are people out there with amazing skill sets who might not have the best academic qualifications, and the best recruiters understand how to harness the energy and put together packages that put forward the best candidates from all backgrounds for you to choose from.

As you can see, there are a few ways in which a good recruiter grows. If you are looking to hire employees on a temporary or permanent basis, or you are looking to build a long-term relationship with a specialist recruitment agency, as you know that you are likely to have job vacancies to fill over the coming months and years, it is important to grasp what makes a good recruiter in the first place. The best recruitment agencies will have an understanding of your industry and the right profiles of potential candidates, even before you have started looking for someone to fill a role. They will have built relationships with prospects and kept up to date with regulatory and industry news so that there is never a surprise or delay when it comes time to look for candidates to fill a role. They will also save you time and money by screening CVs and prepping candidates for interviews with your company.

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