Much is written on how to become a successful lawyer such as SimVisa for example or what practices successful law firms have. It is interesting to share how difficult advocacy is for those starting today and how the lawyer needs to be a complete professional.

A successful lawyer is like that father – or that mother -, who washes, irons, cooks, helps the child with schoolwork, and walks the dog. The lawyer is not just an expert in the law; he is not just a teacher; the good lawyer is complete. The successful lawyer beats the corner and runs to the head.

So How To Become A Successful Lawyer?

There is no formula for becoming a successful lawyer. The lawyer such as family immigration lawyer for example needs to love what he does. Lawyering is a vocation; it’s waking up in the morning and knowing that the profession is responsible for defending people’s freedom. Advocating is all that and a little more. Advocating is passion. It’s pride. It knows that the fruits will not be harvested immediately. It won’t be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or the day after the fruits take time, so it’s necessary to persevere in advocacy.

It knows how to deal with injustices – yes, there are many in law. Advocacy is a long journey, and there is no shortcut. And each road is different from the others, and each one passes a different teaching. Furthermore, the roads to successful advocacy are many. Some successful lawyers work alone as self-employed lawyers. Some work as associate attorneys. Some successful lawyers work for other lawyers. There are lawyers of unknown successes. There are lawyers with recognized successes.

As we wrote on another occasion, there are many challenges for young male and female lawyers. Little experience, high competition, financial difficulties, positioning in the job market, a network of relationships, etc. However, the idea of ​​this article was to demonstrate that there is no shortcut to success in law, just perseverance and baggage. The successful lawyer must face the difficulties, absorb them and make the best of them.

Another important tip, but one that is essential for those just starting, is to participate in discussions involving the legal profession—for example, participating in the thematic committees of the OAB and advisory bodies of the OAB, which allow the young lawyer to overcome the initial difficulty of networking and meet other lawyers.

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