Massive steps have been made in transforming compliance training from what it was. The process of training, the methods, the convenience, and other changes have made compliance training an interesting endeavor. It has become simpler, the learners’ demographics have been modified, and designs are now customizable. As such, the approaches and learner needs have also been intensified. One of the major changes that have contributed to this is the adoption of e-learning. Additionally, online learning using software like True Office Learning offers a lot of benefits to its users and that includes saving on time and cost.

However, the question that comes up is how to achieve effectiveness with this form of training. To address this, providers have resulted in creating and designing engaging ethics and compliance training courses. To achieve this, they have used different learning methods to help keep the learners motivated. Below are some ways you can achieve true engagement with your eLearning.

Inform your learners about the training

Your compliance training can be more productive when your employees play a part in it. This means they are aware of the training and its purposes. Imposing training on them will not achieve much as most will take part in it because they have to and not because they want to. Therefore, as you develop your training course, be sure to inform your employee of why the training is important. Also, you can use different methods such as storytelling to show them real-life issues being encountered in the organization due to lack of compliance. This builds a sense of responsibility in your employees, one in which they want to ensure such issues do not happen. As such, they will be motivated to take the training.

Keep it simple

Compliance is a big deal and it can be complex. But there is no need to make it even more tedious with complex learning materials. So, look for ways to keep it as simple as it can be. Break it down into smaller and digestible modules. Mix up the learning material with audios, videos, gamification among others. You can go a step further and personalize your training using your employees’ learning needs and demographics. Ensure the training offers much freedom to your learners and they are free to choose the learning path that is suitable for them to keep them engaged and motivated.

Increase the relevance

In line with informing your employee about the training, ensure the learning materials are hyper-relevant and something employees can relate with. Also, be sure to use stories and scenarios that are real and that happen in your company. Plus this makes it easier to learn something when you can connect it with an experience.

To make your eLearning compliance training effective, first, ensure you inform your employees about the training early enough and give the benefits it’ll bring. Also, tailor your training course to be hyper-relevant such that your employees can relate to it and make connections with real-life scenarios. Lastly, keep the training as simple as possible.

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