A smart home uses home automation technology, a set of systems that are programmed to automatically control the energy, security, and communication system of all the spaces in the home.

Home automation eg products from Johnson Controls is nothing more than a solution that proposes to apply automatic systems throughout the house to facilitate tasks that previously depended only on residents. In this way, it is possible to make all electronic systems work as one, under the total control of the residents and according to their tastes, needs, and habits.

There are two types of technology applied to smart homes to perform the requested tasks:

Telemetry: Remote command system that requires a computer (PC) to carry out an action. The person can visualize his house and, using software, indicates the tasks that he requires. This system works with broadband internet service.

Home automation: Technology that allows you to interact with a home through a cell phone. It works similarly to telemetry, and only it uses mobile devices (cell phones) to execute an order.

 As you have seen in some movies, it is now possible to control various aspects of your home with voice commands or your cell phone; the future is now! These are some of the advantages of making your home a smart space:

Own security and that of each of the house members through automatic control devices such as intrusion and panic alarms, fire and smoke control, and internal and remote surveillance.

Saving energy through the control of the internal temperature and lighting and the control of the consumption of household appliances.

Communication with the outside, through access to the internet network, intercommunication within the home, and the link of all advanced application systems.

Control of electrical installations and devices. You can program the exact time for these to turn on.

Automatic cleaning. Through strategically located air ducts, it allows the connection of the implements used in cleaning.

Smart homes can distribute information through commands around the home to work virtually alone. Through a call or an indication from a computer, it is possible to order the closing of the curtains, control the heating, among other activities.

Integration With Online Services

The best Automation systems are compatible with the best online music services, such as Spotify. So imagine playing your music library in any room in your home or at the same time. And all of this can be controlled in a very simple way by Automation.

Anyway, when you choose to live in a smart home, you and your family will be much safer. In addition, with all the residence functionality, more time will be left for the moments together and the essential tasks.

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