The type of neighborhood is a significant factor when looking for a house to rent. And the characteristics of the neighborhood where the property is located can mean a series of advantages and disadvantages.

residential neighborhoods


  • More silence and tranquility;
  • In regions with a more significant predominance of houses, you have much more chances of finding a property with greater light due to the absence of buildings shading;
  • The absence of a building also means greater privacy, as you will hardly have neighbors on higher levels with a view of everything that happens in your house;


  • Smaller range of shops and services;
  • Greater dependence on a car, precisely due to the absence of nearby options where you can solve your life;
  • More deserted streets, which can mean, in some cases, problems with security;
  • Few options for nightlife for those who like a more bohemian life.

In the case of commercial districts and with many buildings, the relationship between advantages and disadvantages is precisely opposite to residential ones. And actually, it all depends on what you want for where you live. The important thing is to strike a balance between what you’ll get from the door in – that is, the features you want from your property – and from the door out, with what you want to have in your neighborhood.


When looking for houses to rent, one item that should always be a priority is security. After all, and here’s another essential difference between a street house and a condominium house, you won’t have some essential factors at your disposal, like the presence of a doorman or security, for example. Therefore, it is worth doing good research and paying attention to some characteristics of the property and the neighborhood that favor a safer place for your home:

What To Consider?

Get to know the neighborhood and surroundings. Either through the news in your city or visiting the neighborhood. Talk to people – merchants and residents – and try to find out if everyone feels safe and if they have reports of problems in this regard;

Observe the structure of the house and see if it offers good security conditions. Some points can count in favor, such as:

  • High walls;
  • Bars on windows;
  • Electric fences;
  • surveillance cameras;
  • Electric gates (both entrance and garage);
  • Hiring security or alarm services.

If renting a house doesn’t have some of these security items, contact the owner and see if you can negotiate some of them, such as installing electric fences or a camera system, don’t forget that you can use the help of an agent like 33 Realty: Chicago Property Management Company for guide.

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