How much of your gums can you see when you smile? If you have too much gum tissue that shows when you smile, it can make you feel bad about your self-esteem and make you less likely to show off your white teeth. Luckily, this problem can be fixed with the help of a dentist, so consult the New Bern dental office today. 

What is a gummy smile? 

So, just what is a gummy smile? To put it simply, a gummy smile is when your gums show more than normal when you smile. Different people with gummy smiles show different amounts of gum tissue, but most have more than 2 mm of gum tissue above their top teeth. 

A number of different things can cause gummy smiles. They may have too much gum tissue, or that their top lip is too small, revealing more gums when they smile. In addition, the way your teeth are positioned can also make your smile look gummy.

If you smile and see extra tissue, this is called excessive gingival display in the medical world. This display of too much gum tissue can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Your gums may stand out more if your natural teeth are not as long as they should be.
  • Overactive lip muscles. If your upper lip muscles are overactive, your lip may rise higher when you smile, showing your gums.

Even though a gummy smile is not a serious medical condition, it can make some people feel bad about themselves. Luckily, there are ways to fix a gummy smile. 

How can you fix your gummy smile? 

Modern dentistry has made a lot of progress, which means that both periodontists and cosmetic dentists can offer patients a range of treatment choices.

A gummy smile can be fixed either by surgical methods or non-surgical techniques, which makes things easier for you. 

Cosmetic gum surgery – the benefits. 

People who clench and grind their teeth or have cavities can hurt their gums, which can cause a “gummy smile.” In this type of smile, the gums and teeth do not look like they are the right size, which makes the gums stand out more. Gum surgery can get rid of the extra gum tissue. This helps get the teeth and gums back to the right size.

Some of these surgeries use a scalpel, but thanks to current technology, laser therapy can do the same thing without having to cut with something sharp. A gum surgery can get rid of gum tissue that is infected or bleeding. A surgery called gingivoplasty can change the shape of the gums if bleeding and weakness are a problem. 

If you are interested in learning more, schedule an appointment with your dentist today! 

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