The U.S. is known to have the largest trucking industry globally as more than 15 million trucks operate in the U.S., giving employment to as many as 7.4 million people. With so many trucks functioning, truck and rig accidents account for the second-highest number of road accident fatalities in the U.S. as they carry heavy cargo. There have been many efforts to make laws and develop practices to reduce the number of accidents. Despite all these efforts, more than 400,000 road accidents occur every year, involving large vehicles and trucks – which means around 1,100 a day. 

Coping up with Truck accidents 

Truck driving was rated as 7th among the top 10 deadliest jobs according to the 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS). The main reason why truck driving is considered dangerous is the number of accidents caused by trucks. This increasing accident rate raises the need for professionals to solve the issues that arise due to trucks’ accidents; these professionals are called truck crash lawyers or truck accident lawyers. 

Since trucks are commercial motor vehicles, they abide by commercial motor vehicle accident law. Truck crash lawyers need to be board certified to handle such cases as they are subject to different rules and regulations that depend on various factors. These factors can be the vehicle’s weight, the number of passengers, area of operation, the type of cargo transported, whether it is fulfilling an emergency service or works for the government.  

Reasons you need a personal injury attorney:

If you have recently been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you need to find a personal injury attorney to help you. A truck crash lawyer comes with experience and knowledge, which can help you quickly get a settlement, compensation, or a favourable verdict. A legal representative can you in the following ways to get full justice:  

  • Handling complex negotiations: In most cases, there are multiple parties involved, like the truck driver, truck owner, or the owning company. A skilled lawyer with experience can handle such multi-defendant cases and get you maximum value.
  • Recognize all the parties involved: While this may be a tricky part for you, a legal representative can easily find all the liable parties to the injured person, like the driver, manufacturer, government entities, or the company who owns the truck.
  • Knowledge of laws: Since a professional is board certified and has a better understanding of fault laws, they can make the case better by finding the correct fault percentage.
  • Legal Strategy and legal process: Legal processes might seem easy from the outside, but it can be quite tricky on the inside. A personal injury attorney can manage standard procedures and the best legal strategy.

While one can understand the importance of a legal representative, choosing one legal representative to handle your case can be difficult. One must look for factors like settlement ratio, reviews, expertise, and a lawyer’s experience before making the final decision. Many legal representatives provide free first consultation to help you understand how they plan to work on your case; this free consultation can help you decide which personal injury attorney can best handle your case.

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