Losing a dispute can have serious consequences for the company, financially or in terms of its image. In a conflict with a third party, it is, therefore, essential to call on a competent lawyer.

However, no company is immune to conflicts, whether with consumers, partners, and suppliers, subcontractors, or even employees or between associates. In addition to his preventive actions, the lawyer can then guide you on the legal steps to take from the start of the conflict. He will first guide you towards a friendly approach, which will often be more financially advantageous and faster. He will be able to ensure the drafting of private deeds in the event of an amicable agreement. If this route fails or is not possible, he can also defend you before the various competent courts. He will then collect the evidence necessary to defend your case and represent you during the hearings.

He can assist and defend you in many areas:

  • trademark law
  • industrial property law
  • real estate law
  • social right
  • financial and tax law, etc.

If the subject exceeds his field of expertise, he works in collaboration with other colleagues to plead and defend his cause. The lawyer is also valuable support in disputes with the tax authorities, particularly the tax authorities. These disputes may be related to the company’s regular declarations. He also assists you in the event of a tax audit and if I Have Been Accused of Stealing.

The Lawyer Can Do What He Likes And Develop New Skills

Lawyers such as brandon law office for example intervene in a wide variety of matters, which allows them to practice in their chosen field once it has been identified: criminal law, environmental law, sports law, health law, social law, and international law. In addition, the lawyer constantly develops new skills since he is trained in the activities of his clients to understand their needs beyond the theoretical approach.

The Order also offers free training to discover new areas of law. The lawyer is, therefore, not limited, during his career, by the title of his master’s degree.

We take this opportunity to add a piece of advice: although I have only been in this profession for about 3 years, I tend to recommend to young lawyers not to hang out in a collaboration if they do not have a good mentor. However, a good mentor will be the one who pushes them to become a “real” lawyer and, therefore to fly on their own at some point. Of course, it is possible to have the ambition to become a partner of a large structure; it is a personal choice.

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