Like any homeowner, you are probably shocked and repelled to find pests at home. Pests – including roaches, mice, and rodents, often carry many diseases, while insects like termites are capable of even damaging the structural integrity of the house. Here comes the big question – Should you try DIY hacks and OTC products? Or should you call an Austin pest control company? Here is a quick guide for your help. 

When DIY is just enough!

If you have regular house ants, you can try DIY methods and products to get rid of these insects. However, these tricks only work in the early stages of infestation. Unless it’s a menace, you don’t need professional pest control for spiders either. If you are only seeing the first signs of infestation, trying DIY pest control is not a bad idea. 

When you definitely need professional pest control!

There are many reasons to call an exterminator for the job. Firstly, by the time you start seeing pests and rodents in plain sight, the actual on-ground situation is probably out of control. Secondly, just killing a few pests in sight doesn’t really resolve the problem. You have to consider extermination. While professional pest control doesn’t mean that the problem won’t resurface ever again, there is always an assurance for a solid time. Also, exterminators have the experience, expertise, equipment, manpower and methods, which can be used for diverse pest problems. 

How to find the best pest control service in Austin?

  • Before anything else, make sure that the company is licensed. 
  • Also, all pest control companies must have liability insurance. 
  • Check if they have experts working on payroll. 
  • If you want to know the company better, ask for a few references. 
  • Check if the estimate is fair and transparent. 
  • Do ask for a contract with all relevant terms and conditions. 
  • Check if the pest control company has good reviews online. 
  • Ask the company if they are a member of state, local, or national associations. 

There is the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly methods for pest control. If you are working with an exterminator, you need to know what they are possibly doing to reduce the impact of their work on the environment. Don’t shy away from asking if their pest control methods and products are safe for humans and other animals. 

For effective pest control, always call a company that you can trust and do that at the earliest. 

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