Art Jamming Singapore started as a social art encounter and was invented by Betty Cheung in 2000. These were intended to be a paint event that encourages people to be empowered, reinvigorated, and energized. Contrary to common opinion, one should not be an accomplished artist to indulge in art jamming.

What is Design Jamming appropriate for?

  1. Team Building
  2. Team Cohesions
  3. Know valuable skills
  4. Value time with the family
  5. Birthdays & Similar Parties

Popular theories about Art Jamming:

  • Art Tapping is an amazing game.

With even more art jamming studios and cafes today, the costs are often more reasonable than ever.

  • You ought to have some history in art while doing art jamming.

False! You just had to start anywhere yet most art jamming courses are geared to first-timers for anything you do. For example, art jamming lessons are supervised or typically performed in possession of English teachers.

Art Jamming Singapore is currently an activity in which several humans get together again and express their artistic side by getting their paws at the wood panel. Granted that certain people can lack imaginative faith and would be hesitant in exhibiting their creative skills in a public environment, Art Jamming is made exclusively to consider this and be all-inclusive towards any talent level but to anyone of any age.

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