Suppose you got injured in a car accident. In that case, you might make the blunder of trying to resolve and negotiate your injury claim without consulting with an expert personal injury lawyer on your side. A few people believe that hiring an attorney can cost them a fortune.

Personal injury lawyers of Walthew Law Firm normally handle car accident cases on a contingency fee. In simple puts, they only get paid after the full settlement. You can talk to a lawyer to know the rules and regulations concerning contingency fees and how it works.

In this blog, we are trying to evaluate the 4 mistakes people usually make after a car accident.

Delaying the Treatment

You might think that an apparently harmless bruise does not need to be treated and ignore your seemingly minor injuries. But a car accident can overwhelm you in so many ways that it is natural to feel indecisive. It is always a wise decision to immediately go for medical treatment after a car accident. There can be hidden injuries or concussion that you have no idea about

Apart from that, your medical documents work as evidence when it comes to claiming the compensation. As per Walthew Law Firm’s attorney, most people wait for a few days, creating a ground for the defendant. They can argue about the cause or authenticity of the injury.

Recording Statement without a lawyer

Generally claim adjusters are the one who takes the initiative of contacting you and requests for a recorded statement. You might feel like what could go wrong in telling the truth. But a single sentence can be twisted in many different ways without your knowledge.

Remember, the insurance company will always try to find out a way to deny the claim amount, and for that, they can go to any extent.

Compromising with the Compensation

If you do not have any sort of legal knowledge and how this whole compensation model works, you can’t assume the amount you deserve. It is the claim adjuster’s job to convince you to take a low-ball amount. One hasty decision can be a reason for a huge loss. Even a lawyer can do nothing once the deal is done.

They reconcile Their Case before their complete Treatment.

Suppose you are almost at the end of your treatment. You thought it’s the right time to settle the injury claim. And then, after a few days, your doctor says you have to go through surgery or some other therapy. So now, what will you do! Your health insurance might not cover car accident injuries, and now that the deal is done, the at-fault person’s insurer is not going to pay your bills anymore.

The possibility of getting cash can disrupt our cognitive thought process, but there is no point in hurrying.

Final Thought

There are many mistakes people make after motor accidents because of unawareness and indecisiveness. But consulting with Walthew Law Firm lawyers is the only way of protecting your own rights. Be aware and make the right call.

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