Optimising your website for organic search visibility is one of the most important things that you can do for your business in 2021. The latest data suggest that more than 50% of users will search for a business on Google before they enter the premises. If you do not have a strong organic search presence, then users may be put off and choose to shop with one of your competitors instead.

If you are not already, we would strongly recommend working with an SEO Perth company to establish some best practice guidelines for your website. even if you do not end up working with one long term due to cost, initial audit and consultation can be a really effective way to get your search engine optimisation on track. To make the process of it easier we are sharing three of the things that you can do today to improve the search visibility of your website.

  1. Optimise Your Page Titles

Your page titles play an essential role in the way that your website appears in organic search. If you have not already, we would strongly recommend going through your page titles and insuring that they are in line with the content that users can expect to find on each page. there are plenty of free keyword research tools out there that can help you to create a page title strategy that will catapult your website to the top of Google.

  1. Use Keywords in Content

Similar to the above tip about optimising on page titles for organic search it is essential that you are using the right keywords in your content. Think about the kind of keywords that you want and expect users to be searching for when they are going to find your goods and services online. Even if you do not have it access to SEO tools that can help you with this process, thinking about it logically can still help to roof your own page keyword usage.

  1. Include Images

Websites with images on the page rank on average 78% better than those without. Make sure that you were including relevant images on the page that display the goods and services that you are offering. Take the time to take some high-quality photos that display your business in the best possible light

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