Microsoft word is the most powerful tool in the world because it has been used in the past and even in the present it’s still being used. There are very many word processors in the digital market that one can choose according to preference. Most computer users use this tool to create files, do planning, tracking, management, controlling, and movement. Other than those using it has, also limitations that we will discuss at length in this article. We will focus on major three limitations of word documents.

  • Costly
  • In case of a blackout typing is impossible
  • Some symbols not accessible


To edit and review data one must have an electronic device, mostly a computer. Not all people are likely to afford a computer, because it’s quite expensive to afford. Sometimes those who get access or who can afford them, tend to use similar templates throughout making the document seem clones of each other and at times the help options tend to give vague responses that may be of no help at all.

In case of a blackout, typing is impossible

To work on the word file, you need a powered computer, if the power is off then you will achieve nothing for sure. You will not be able to type if the computer is off. Plagiarism is highly encouraged since one can easily copy and paste the original work by simply copying and pasting .this shows how it has a limited vocabulary.

 For you use the word on your computer makes sure it stays fully charged to avoid the blackouts disappointments, if you use a desktop that you have no option but to persevere and wait for the power to return.

Some symbols not accessible

When using words some symbols are not visible. So when typing different languages by using different alphabets it might be difficult for you, there is no option to select languages by use of alphabets. Another thing is that numerous complex mathematical solutions and equations cannot be typed on the computer; you just have to write them by hand or maybe access a scientific computer which may be very expensive to buy.

 You may find it difficult to type because the devices lack some crucial simples that are supposed to be included in the data and information that we are to present at that particular time and so we get forced to use handwritten or giving uncompleted task.


In conclusion, this article has helped us to discover some major limitations of using word file or document; the computers are costly and in this case, not everyone can afford. In case of a blackout, typing is impossible since the battery is off so you can’t access the file in any way.

So make sure you leave your device fully charged at any time so that during a blackout you’re safe. Then lastly, some simples are not easily accessible, like different languages and also some complex mathematical signs and equations that are vital.

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